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My mission is to get the word out on how Feng Shui can enhance the results we get in our life.  I know because I've used Feng Shui to improve my finances, create more love, attain better health and boost the happiness factor in my home. 


I've received more clarity, joy and excitement in my life and career than ever before thanks to Feng Shui.


So can you!

Feng Shui is NOT about renovating and moving walls. It is about creating a beautiful flow and feeling in your home - your sanctuary. When that happens watch out because that's when life gets better and better.

My clients have received new jobs, more prosperity, love, more speaking opportunities for their businesses, improved relationships at home and at work and are re-energized and more productive. They have a greater sense of calm and are happier in their lives.

My live events and interviews on telesummits, radio, the web, and on television have allowed me to reach a global audience who have experienced identical results.

Even back when I was working in medicine, running a research laboratory, I was working with energy. I knew by making small adjustments (think chemical reactions) I could create completely different outcomes. Now, I shift the energy in homes to create radical life improvements.

"I shift the energy in homes to create radical life improvements."

I'm a big believer in constantly improving and growing myself. I'm a member of Toastmasters and weekly engage with my speaking "tribe". It's fun AND challenging.

I like to run and work out. Both of these activities are passions of mine. My favorite is outdoor running of course but with our winters I put in time on the treadmill with earbuds in listening to some positive thoughts and hearing from some amazing people. I am currently training for a half marathon in June.

Travel is part of who I am. Every corner of our world is so captivating and unique to me. Every year my family explores a new place. Recently we've done our walk-abouts and learn-abouts in London, New York, Provence, and soon Sydney, Australia and New Orleans.

Happiness and success are two major descriptors when one applies Feng Shui in their home. When you change your environment you change your life. I know because I can testify to the life changing magic that occurred in mine.

I live happily with my husband, two teenage sons and two dogs.

Tel: 403-874-1817

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