Feng Shui For Your Love Life

February 1, 2017

Changing our environment can change our lives. That’s the basis of Feng Shui. The right changes can improve circumstances in any area of our life. With February around the corner, and Valentines… using these Feng Shui principles will enhance the quantity and quality of the LOVE we are currently experiencing. Add pink, red and white to your bedroom This probably won’t surprise you – the colors that increase the love energy and our ability to attract a partner are pink, red and white. Color is a form of energy, and each color has its own wavelength that impacts and influences us … whether we know it or not. Adding toss cushions, bedspreads, a blanket or even some artwork to our bedroom with one or all of these colors will have an influence on us.


Years ago I remember watching a TV clip about a woman who completely surrounded herself in pink.  She wore pink head to toe.  Her home was entirely furnished and carpeted in pink.  Her car – pink, even her poodle was pink, (dyed naturally from beet juice).


What stood out for me was what she said at the end of her interview – how many dates she always had, she had an abundance of male attention.


I didn’t know then what I know now –but what she was doing was putting out and surrounding herself with a lot of very strong attracting energy. 


She was using the power of pink. 


Certainly every time my husband puts on his pink dress shirt I always think how good he looks – I like him in his white and blue shirts too, but there’s just something about him in pink…


Another thing we can do to tip the scales in our favor for love is to have items in pairs in the bedroom.


A partnership takes 2 people.


Do you have 2 bedside tables and 2 lamps?  What about 2 throw cushions or 2 candles, two is what the energy of this room should illustrate.  


We also want to create a balanced partnership.   The bedside tables and lamps need to be of equal size, not one gigantic one and one minute, fragile one.  That would symbolize an unbalanced or lop-sided relationship. 


Similarly there should be equal room on both sides of the bed to walk around – not one side of the bed jammed up against a wall.  The implication of that is we have no room in our life for a partner.



Our homes and bedrooms are metaphors for what’s happening in our lives – if we have the eyes to see, or a little Feng Shui knowledge we can course correct, and create the love we want by using a few of these principles.  



There are things we can do to improve the results we are getting in our lives. 




Feng Shui can help navigate us into a happy and successful first date, 20th Anniversary, or 60th!


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