3 Feng Shui Tips That Will Change Your Life

March 23, 2017

What's the real point of Feng Shui? 



To improve your life! Aesthetically and energetically, which translates to good luck and good fortune for you. When a specific life area is focused on (like relationships, wealth, or health) we see improved marriages, that new soul mate you've been longing for showing up, increased income, and even improved health. 


How does it work? 



Our spaces profoundly affect us. Especially the ones we spend the most time in, like our homes and offices. These spaces can "bring us down" or "lift us up" - depending on what's going on in them. Similar to the affects of a negative acquaintance who can quickly deplete our energy, we can be highly sensitive to our surroundings. If you have trouble staying focused, or even if you find it hard to stay motivated perhaps it's time to check out how your environment is impacting you. Just like an uplifting person can lift your spirits, make you feel great, motivate and inspire you, so too can your home. So it needs to be positive.



Here are 3 simple Feng Shui changes you can make that will create powerful positive changes for you. 



Eliminate Clutter



You'll feel better If there's anything that can immediately drop the good feelings you have going on, it's clutter. It depletes your energy, stops your life from progressing and causes a feeling of chaos. So get rid of anything that you don't love or need - you'll then have room for new opportunities by being able to find your things, move freely about your space, and be surrounded only by the things you love and are inspired by.


                                                                     Eliminate Clutter


                                                                You'll Feel Better



Add Light 



How do you feel going down a dark alley or up to a darkened building? Not great, right? We want to MAXIMIZE the lighting in your space to lift the energy, make it feel expansive, and inspire creativity and productivity. The brighter the light the better. Pull back the drapes and let natural light spill in! Stick lamps in those darkened corners - you'll feel so much more alive and motivated by these small actions. Of special note: replace any burnt out lightbulbs as they represent dim futures and bad luck. 


Ever notice how expansive and brightly lit high-end hotels keep their entrances and foyers? That's to make you feel uplifted and welcomed. So do that for yourself!



Add Some Plants



Add some LIVING energy. Vital, vibrant energy is strongest in the great outdoors, so it's beneficial to bring some of that inside. If you don't have a green thumb, use silk plants. The color green exerts a positive influence on the psyche creating feelings of hope, growth and new beginnings. Plants (and flowers) bring in new opportunities by harmonizing and uplifting the energy AND creating and attracting even more good energy for you. Studies have shown that plants produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide helping people feel better. That's also healing energy.


Have you noticed the abundancy of atriums within hospitals now? They realize this secret. After a visit to a plant nursery or a walk outside in nature we always feel better. Calm, strong, healing energy is all outside so do bring some of it in. 


The best plants are those with a more rounded leaf - try to avoid those with spiky or sharp leaves. If they become unhealthy or die, do remove them, that's dead or dying energy and you don't need that. 


Do declutter first before bringing them in. Clean as you go about these changes to create an even more positive environment. 


These 3 powerful tips will quickly make you feel more supported, nurtured and happy in your life. You, your friends, and family will notice!


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