What Is Feng Shui

April 16, 2017






We’ve all heard about Feng Shui, but what is it really?



I find most people believe it is moving your furniture around. They’re not sure WHY you would do that, but that’s the usual, (sometimes correct) assumption I hear. It is much, much, more.



Here in the West, we are just now beginning to see Feng Shui understanding and implementation of this ancient art and science increase. Although it’s been around for more than 3000 years, only now is it beginning to take off and have a stronger presence in our homes and offices.




Feng Shui is about balancing energy of a space, be it a room, a home, or an office. This is important for the harmonious results that will ensue. The belief is when we live or spend time in a harmonious, balanced environment we will succeed in life, AND also have good fortune.



If your environment is NOT supportive or balanced, you will feel blocked in some (or all) aspects of your life (think career, relationships, finances, or even health).



A Feng Shui practitioner employs the principles of Feng Shui to improve a life situation for you or, if all is well, Feng Shui can be used to further enhance an area of your life.



Consider this recent experience:



My client from Calgary was unemployed and wished to improve his finances (prosperity area). After identifying the areas of his home we needed to concentrate on he quickly implemented my recommendations and within two weeks he had a job offer. After an additional week he had another offer. Interestingly, he accepted both positions as one was a daytime position and the other was a flexible consulting position he could work on in the evenings. Needless to say he’s pretty happy with his results!



What parts of your environment might not be supportive or balanced? Perhaps a look through the Feng Shui lens is exactly what you need to get the results you desire.



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