4 Ways To Harness Energy For Success

May 20, 2017







What do you think about when you hear that word?


Most of us consider how we feel in regards to energy.  Are we energetic? Generally that translates to if we are feeling lively or vibrant. Or if we are “lacking” in energy, feeling lethargic or even a little depressed. The energetic level at which you live your life can mean the difference between achieving success and barely scraping by. Can we change our state with a few key tricks? The answer is absolutely yes.


Are you aware of energetic states? Can you “feel” energy? Even if you think you do not – you do. For example, consider what you might feel if walking by a house, you automatically take in the condition of the yard. You notice it is overgrown, the weeds and long grasses are choking the unkempt shrubs and trees. Debris blocks and litters the walkway. Perhaps the sidewalk could use a good sweep, if not a good hose-down. Even the mailbox is tilted at an angle, which makes you wonder how much longer it will stay attached to the building. How inviting does this home feel to you? Does it make you want to linger and enjoy the sights as you walk by? I’m pretty sure not, unless you are a makeover specialist! If you feel like you’d like to quickly move on, or have noticed a depressed feeling, you have just experienced a lowering of your own energy due to the environment you have come across.


Now consider walking by this next scenario: you come across a property which lawns and yard are lush green, tidy and manicured. The shrubs, trees and flowers are pruned and healthy. The entire length of the walkway has been edged and appears expansive, drawing your eye right up to the front door of the house. Two large planters filled with colorful flowers adorn the entryway. A faint scent of lilacs is detectable as you hear the musical notes of a wind chime. Everything about this space is welcoming! Now are you aware of how environments can influence our personal energy? This is also an example of how Feng Shui is used to create auspicious surroundings to enhance your life. It lifts your spirits and nurtures your soul. Living in this type of environment would help you succeed by raising your energy and not diminishing it.


To stay on this same thought of managing energy to IMPROVE your life, here’s a few simple things you can do TODAY that will raise the energy in your daily life:


  1. Get outside: whether you sit in the sunshine for a few minutes, go for a walk, bike or hike – as soon as you introduce fresh air (and hopefully some sunshine) into your lungs and body, you have already improved your energy. It will relax AND rejuvenate you. That’s a powerful combination.

  2. Figure out ONE thing you’d like (or love) to do for yourself today. It’s great to have something to look forward to versus a big long list of “to do’s” – which will only drain your energy. Set aside some time to go for that walk, sit and have a tea, read your book, get a new haircut, take a class that you’ve been thinking about… Once you have a positive to look forward to it helps balance the feeling of a lengthy list of drudgery!

  3. Friends. If you’re like most people you have positive and negative friends. Limit your time with the ones that make you feel tired or depressed after visiting them, and bump up the time with the ones that really make you feel great. If you don’t have enough positive ones, that’s where doing something you look forward to can help – maybe it’s a new interesting class – that’s a great place to start meeting some excellent new people.

  4. Upon completing your day write in a gratitude journal (see Gratefulness Journal) – it helps you re-live the positives of your day and life, and is a wonderful way to drift off to sleep. That’s a sure-fire way to get more things to be grateful for. (What you think about you bring about.) For most people they typically drop off to sleep reviewing every wrong or negative thing that happened to them that day / week / month / year. What would you rather “marinate” in for the night? 


How we look at our life, what we dwell on does affect our outcomes. Begin noticing what gives you the type of energy you like and will support you, and what takes away or changes your energy to something you do not enjoy. Make a conscious effort to increase the positives and you’ll realize a more vibrant exciting, engaging life.


These small steps make the difference between feeling tired, lethargic and unmotivated or happy, engaged and actively pursuing your dreams.

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