Art Influences Us

July 20, 2017



I want the best results for my life.  We all do. 
I’m building a new office for myself right now.  New flooring, paint, furnishings, art, you name it. 
Every aspect I’ve given a lot of consideration to because I know:
Our living and working environments powerfully influence how we feel and act.
The better the energy in our surrounding environments, the better our personal energy.  Improving our personal energy means we’ll have better relationships, health and career success. I'm creating a powerful Feng Shui office to help me achieve my desired business goals.  
Just like the food choices we make and the friends we associate with, so too does our home and office (and all its contents) impact us. 
What we pick to decorate our environment with can help us reach our highest potential or it can really throw up some major roadblocks. 
When choosing artwork for your space consider these questions:
Ask:  Does this piece lift or diminish my energy?
We want lift-off!  
Be specific and determine  “How does this piece make me feel?”  If you can answer happy, inspired, motivated, serene, energized, or any other positive emotion then your piece is good.  Any piece that you feel guilty about, sad, unhappy or any other negative emotion does not support you.  Don’t display it.  Don’t even have it in your home.  This item is depleting your energy and can be holding you back in life.  Our subconscious knows its still in the house even if we store it out of sight. 




Right now think about your office, or a single room in your home.  Do the pictures you have on the walls and your display pieces on your tables inspire, motivate or make you happy? 
If so I congratulate you!
You’re boosting your energy with these items and that’s good Feng Shui. 
If you dislike something please consider removing it.  This item is depleting your energy and can be holding you back in life.
Continually surrounding ourselves with items we dislike zaps our life force energy.
Have you ever arrived home feeling pretty good only to feel like a sloth a short time later?  Something in your environment is affecting you. 
My challenge to you for the next week is to walk around your home and deliberately observe your environment to determine what piece or pieces of your artwork are not serving you. 
And then take action.  Keep it or remove it. 

Let me know how your art currently impacts you, if you change anything, and your results.


I’d love to hear from you. 




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