Dorm Room Feng Shui - 7 Secret Tips To Share With Your Student As They Head Off To School

August 20, 2017


You’ve unpacked.   Your walls and shelves are now decorated with a few personal items, and you’re feeling all settled into your new living space that is yours for the next eight months.  Congratulations!  This small space is now your home, your study hall, and your social empire.  You’re off to a great start to making top grades, broadening your social circle and really thriving in this new environment. 


Or are you?  


Feng Shui influences how we operate in the world and what we can achieve in our lives.  That means your new living space affects your mood, well-being and future. 


7 Feng Shui tips to help you reach outstanding success this year:


1. Space Clear


Energetically, the spaces that influence you the most are those you spend the bulk of your time in, like your dorm room.  Everything is made of energy.  You, your furniture, even the paint on the walls.  All these energetic blueprints are interacting and impacting you continually.  If you’re in a room that has supplied the bed, desk and any other furniture, that’s a lot of material, and it comes with a previous inhabitants’ energetic print on it.  Are you wondering what kind of character that someone was?  The principle of Space Clearing is to “erase” any predecessors’ energy that may linger and affect you. 


Essential oils are antibacterial, antiviral, and are an excellent tool for space clearing.   Some good choices are sage, lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, and rose, however you may use any scent you are drawn to.  Disperse a few drops into a 2 – 4 oz spray bottle and top up with water.  Spray the essence into the air to dissolve any negative energy and mist all areas of the room, including the corners where stagnant energy can lurk.   You are removing any negatives and are simultaneously taking a giant step towards enriching your life by drawing good fortune and good energy in. Repeat regularly to keep your space feeling positive and uplifted, and especially after any kind of negative event.    


2.  Bring in Nature


If you have a window that can open, do so.  Mother Earth’s natural cleanser is fresh air.  It dilutes any negative scents or smells and replaces it with an invigorating energetic energy.  While it’s “refreshing” your room, it’s also strengthening your immune system and increasing your personal energy.  If opening a window is not an option, and you can afford the space, a few green healthy plants are beneficial for not only improving the air quality of your room, but also help you by manifesting new, fresh, and more positive thoughts.  Choose plants with a more rounded leaf, and if you don’t have a green thumb you may use silk plants to produce the same positive feelings.  Always remove dying plants as that can promote negative energy.


3.  Clutter


Stay on top of clutter.  This is vital – not only because your quarters are so small, but because clutter holds stagnant energy.  That translates to blocks for you, holding you back from receiving good grades, good relationships, social outings – you name it.  Even procrastinating on cleaning up clutter depletes your energy.  It wastes your time too.  Would you rather be spending time with friends, or looking for that book you borrowed?  Above all the feeling of chaos that comes with clutter is detrimental to you whether you study in your room or not.  You are your room.  It’s your environment – inside and outside your physical form.  It goes where you go therefore when you need to focus and get great grades, it’s helpful to be able to really concentrate.  Clutter causes chaos. 


4.  The Main Door into your Room


Does your door open fully and easily?  Does it squeak?  The main door is a threshold opening you up to all opportunities that can come into your life.  Knowing that, wouldn’t you want to throw it wide open to receive those great grades, friendships, fun and opportunities?  Oil the hinges if it makes a disturbing noise, and don’t hang anything on the back of the door if it impedes it from fully opening.  Any blockages mean you will have challenges to face in life and school.


5.  Lights


Spending too much time exposed solely to artificial light can greatly affect your energy, mood, sleep patterns, and ability to work and focus. Supplementing your light diet by using full-spectrum bulbs is beneficial as they replicate natural daylight.  Immediately lifting your spirits, increasing your productivity, stimulating new ideas, and brightening a space are the results.  The brighter the light the better, so choose the brightest bulb your fixtures can take.   Don’t delay in replacing any burnt out bulbs as that implies a dim future. 


6.  Desk Position


Feng Shui principles put you in command of your space.  This position puts you in a powerful place in regards to your life and studies.  There are four criteria:


  1. You must be able to see the door while seated

  2. You should be situated far away from the door as possible

  3. You are not in direct line of the door

  4. You have the widest view of the entire room


If this isn’t your situation, solutions can be as simple as moving your chair to behind the desk.  Or move your desk further back into the room.  If you can’t move your desk and your back or side is to the door, hang or stand a mirror off to the side to enable you to see the door from your seated position.  If you are facing a wall, use the space to hang something inspiring - perhaps a “vision” of what you would like your future to look like.  This recommendation goes for any art or pictures you display anywhere in your room.  Surround yourself with uplifting, happy, peaceful and inspiring pieces.  Remember, your environment is impacting you constantly. 



7.  Bed Position


Just like your desk, the ideal sleep position is one that allows you to be in the command position.   From this position we can transform our health and relationships. If your bed is not in this position, the first solution is to move it to be so.  Sometimes that can be as simple as flipping your head position.  However, if moving your bed is not an option, hanging a mirror to allow you to see the door while you are in bed is the solution, putting you back in command.  You’ll find you sleep better, and all students can benefit from that.   Also, make your bed.  You deserve a tranquil, relaxing area, and this one tip not only welcomes you back from your day away, but you’ll also feel good about inviting others into your space.   See, there was a good reason your mother told you this regularly.


For peak performance it is vital you completely switch off and get a rejuvenating and revitalizing rest.  Turn all electronics off when you retire.  Cell phones, computers, electronic games, and TV’s…  I know it’s hard but when everyone else is bleary eyed and sick during exams you’ll be acing those tests in good health.  


Feng Shui creates environments that support, nurture and uplift.  When that happens we are opening the door to good fortune, success, happiness and great abundance in our lives.  Although temporary, your dorm room IS your power place and the one environment most influential to you this year. Make it powerful.

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