7 Tips To Make Your Handbag A Money Magnet

September 28, 2017



Although we typically associate Feng Shui with homes, the principles behind it can also be applied to our handbags.  By considering your handbag a “portable home” representing you, realize that it is influential in your ability to make and keep money.

Feng Shui improves the energy around us so we feel happier, healthier, more vital and alive.  From this state we attract more opportunities, positive situations, good people and money into our lives.  


Here are 7 Feng Shui tips to turn your handbag into a money magnet:


1.  Declutter it!  Old candy wrappers, crumpled receipts, useless pens rolling around in the bottom of your handbag are a recipe for frustration.  A survey conducted in Australia found 35% of women spent 81 days over the course of their lives searching in their handbags for items….. 81 DAYS!!!  Clutter is a huge energy leak that affects us mentally, physically and emotionally.  Take control.  Toss anything you don’t need or use regularly. 


2.  Keep it Looking Sharp.  Don't you love to linger in front of a well-kept yard and take in its beauty?  Our eyes are drawn to properties that have that cared for look while we quickly glance over those forgotten looking, rundown lots.  The same applies for money and your handbag.   So wipe down the outside of your bag regularly, deal with frays and repair straps and zippers that need attention. That extra care is magnetic.  


3. Pare Down.  Be a sleek cheetah… ah yes you can be!  Think efficient, productive, & profitable….. Another fact to consider - the average woman has 13 beauty products in her bag.  That’s too many to haul around regularly.  Create a separate beauty pouch to your handbag that will hold the few necessary beauty items you need.  That’s an excellent Feng Shui tip.  [M1] Get organized.  Reduce.  Only have what you love with you. 


4.  Love It.  The best Feng Shui advice I have is this:  Pick the handbag you love, including the color.  You’ll find you take better care of it, so it will last longer and you’ll be proud to have it.  This advice also goes for your wallet.  The color red is auspicious and powerful in the Feng Shui community while  black is associated with money and career.  However if you don’t like those colors and you dream about the teal and fuchsia bag then that’s the bag for you. Good Feng Shui elevates your energy and that’s how it changes your life - starting with a fuchsia and teal handbag if that’s what is calling to you. 


5.  Add A Large Bill.  You know how a clutter pile seems to grow on its own?  Like attracts like.  Add a paper bill of a large enough denomination that you’ll think twice before spending it. There’s something about carrying around a large bill that makes you feel abundant. And that’s a great energy to be in for attracting more money. 


6.  Keep it High.  I cringe when I see handbags on the floor in restaurants and egad – washrooms.  Your bag is a link to your money energy.   It’s easy for “money to flow out” from that position.  And floors are dirty.  Keep a small purse hanger in your handbag to save you from the unfortunate situations that might arise. It’s worth it.   


7.  Size Matters.  Not too big, not too small, but just right….This too is important.  Too big a bag will become a pit that collects clutter and increases your frustration looking for something in the bottom.  And it gets HEAVY.  Go to the gym if you want to weight train.  Too small a handbag for daily use quickly and easily overflows with too many items – a situation that disallows space for more money to enter.



Be discriminating in your handbag choice – you deserve the best “portable home” to represent you and attract wealth into your life.  Feng Shui supports you in many different ways.  Your handbag is one. 





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