Light It Up!

November 27, 2017


The days are getting shorter, the nights longer.  If you’re like me you can feel the difference in your body as a result of the diminishing light.  
I really miss the long sunny days.  “Dang!  I feel like I have less energy”.
The lengthening hours of darkness really impact how we feel.   Our energy levels and moods can take a downward spiral when we have less natural light. 
Not only does our personal energy get depleted we feel less motivated, sleep more, and we can be moody or feel depressed all because of that lack of light.

And there’s a Feng Shui cure for that!




Here’s how to quickly and immediately raise your energy levels:

  • Flip on the lights

  • Turn on more lights

  • Add brighter bulbs to your lamps (but don’t exceed maximum wattage)

  • Use full spectrum bulbs 

Natural light is beneficial to our bodies.  When exposed to sunlight we are more alert which helps us concentrate, learn and be more effective in our work.   It helps us sleep better at night by maintaining our circadian rhythm (our body’s natural clock) and we feel happier.
During the day, we need high levels of light to stay alert for work or school. 



Sue Pavlovich for the Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA) tells us we need to spend an hour or more outside during the day to combat lethargy and feelings of the winter blues.  Even if we don’t suffer from SAD the lack of natural light over a long period of time (winter) or even spending excessive amounts of time in offices with little or no natural light can really do a number on our energy levels. 
Luckily, all of these things can be addressed by using full spectrum or daylight bulbs.
These light sources emulate natural daylight and are beneficial when used in homes, workspaces and offices by increasing our productivity and effectiveness! 
They reduce eyestrain, headaches, and stress, especially if we’re studying.
So if you want to boost your productivity, reduce moodiness and generally FEEL better during our low light season…. Turn on some lights, add more lights and check what bulbs you’re using.
I want your space to make your life better.
So light it up!  

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