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Fresh Start Feng Shui 2018

December 31, 2017



Ready to close the year out and begin
2018 with a fresh new start? 


There are a few powerful Feng Shui rituals you can use to do just that!   The first portion of preparing for new energy, new opportunities, luck and good fortune to be welcomed into your home begins with ridding your spaces of any stagnant or negative energy.

Clutter holds stagnant, negative energy.  


We do not want that in our homes especially before a new year so spend some time clearing it from your life.  If the job is too big to accomplish before New Years' Day do what you can.  Any decluttering is a step in the right direction, it will begin the shift of  allowing in positive new energy into your home. The more you can remove the more opportunities you are making room for.  

And then clean!  Cleaning "clears" the way for fresh new opportunities to find you.  


The final step is a fun one.  Find yourself a window of 20 - 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, a journal, pour yourself a cup of tea or your favourite beverage and record all your successes you have had over the course of the year. This is your success journal.  Recording your wins - big and small - from throughout the year creates positive exciting energy and momentum to move into the new year with.  This is a great practice to keep up on a daily or weekly basis too.  If you need a little help to remember your wins - look at your daytimer, or look back at the photos in your camera.  That's usually a great place to see where you've been, who you've seen and what you've done.  I bet you'll surprise yourself. 


New Years Day!


Now what?  You're going to like what I have to say here:  

Do not clean on New Year's Day!  In Feng Shui terms cleaning on this day would be "sweeping away" all of the good luck that arrives with the New Year. Relax instead and spend time considering your Intentions for this brand new year. What would you like to accomplish?  Feel the possibilities and potential of this time and then pick ONE WORD that can be your guide throughout the year. Here's a few ideas to start you thinking about what might be your unique word for 2018: 



Review your word regularly, pin it to a vision board or keep it in your daytimer.    
Finally, intentionally bring something new into your home. You can bring in anything!   New food, flowers, clothing, you name it. If you want to go all out, add 9 oranges to your kitchen counter.  They are a symbol of wealth, health and abundance.




Whatever you choose, intentionally bringing in new energy is a powerful way to get your home ready to receive even more fresh new energy.

Happy New Year! 


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