It's Not Too Late - 3 Tips To Re-Energize Your Resolutions

January 28, 2018


By now 92% of individuals that set New Years’ Resolutions have completely fizzled out.


That’s a lot of dreams neglected, a lot of negative feelings, and a lot of people beating themselves up for not continuing with their goals.


What they don’t know is that there are 3 things they could be doing to keep moving towards realizing those dreams.


If that could be you, or someone you know, let now be the new reset button for you – following these tips ANYTIME can get a shift going in the right direction. 





Having a support network can increase the odds of you succeeding by 80%!   So yes, you are going to have to tell someone and you’re stronger for doing it.  Whether that’s to lose weight, walk more, be more diligent with your homework or business endeavors, … telling a person or a group you belong to makes you accountable and accountability is powerful medicine.  That tiny and productive 8% of individuals that are rocking their New Year’s Resolutions have support.  


2. Identify your WHY


At your weakest moment this is the fuel that will change the outcome.  WHY do you want this thing?  WHY is it so important?  Ask yourself WHY and when you get the answer, ask “WHY” again.  Go deeper!  Keep asking WHY until you feel all quivery and like crying.  This is your real WHY.   Visit it over and over in your mind when you feel like “falling off the wagon”.  You won’t.  



3. RELEASE what's holding you back


Perhaps you have no room for another “thing” in your life, no matter how much you would like it.  I don’t really have time to exercise, cook that healthy meal, make that sales call….. You are experiencing a lack of energy and positive momentum around the issue.  One incredibly little known way to create more energy in your life is to release clutter.  Yup, clutter is quicksand for your life.  Decluttering an area in your home can give you so much energy in your life it will blow your mind.  It has the power to improve your relationships (hey I had that uncomfortable talk and it worked!;  wow I feel better with my new found energy – where’s  my treadmill?....) For immediate results start decluttering in the bedroom and then watch what happens.  


I recently decluttered my closet and have had an amazing kick-start to a number of my life areas.  Its basic Feng Shui and it begins the process for change.












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