It's Here. Spring Has Arrived!

March 28, 2018


I LOVE spring - it symbolizes new beginnings, a time of fresh starts and an opportunity to adopt new attitudes.  Can you feel the change as mother earth begins to renew and rejuvenate?


We can harness this magical energy
and bring it into our own home and life. 


Here's how:  pay special attention to these 3 key areas: 


The Front Entry (even if you seldom use it)

This area represents our career, health and finances.  We want to create an attractive area to boost these aspects of our life. 

Sweep the doorway clear, remove cobwebs, shake out and vacuum the doormats.  Ensure every lightbulb is working and bright.  Wash down the door.  Adding flowering plants or greenery will further enhance your doorstep welcoming in an abundance of new opportunities this spring. 



The Kitchen

This typically high traffic area impacts our health and prosperity.  It can also be a common high clutter zone.  To get a fresh start to our finances and health this spring start by wiping down all surfaces, organize cupboards and drawers. Most importantly, clean the stove inside and out.  The stove represents wealth energy and prosperity – honor it and yourself by treating it like the valuable wealth generator it is.  Fix any surface chips, repair broken or non-working burners and replace any burnt out interior lights.  

Open the fridge and toss anything expired, wipe down the inside and organize.  You’ll feel better and a funny thing happens, you’ll find you’ll want to eat better too.


The Master Bedroom

This room affects our love relationship.  So whether we want to attract a partner or have a partner it all starts here. 

Any clutter holds stagnant energy so nothing is going to change until we deal with it.  Open the closet doors and remove anything you don’t like, don’t wear, or no longer suits you (or the era we’re in).  By removing old things that are keeping us stuck, we’re making space for new… new beginnings, new romance, new fun. 
Look under the bed – this is a place that needs to be clear of any items – while we sleep it is imperative to have chi (life force energy) circulate around us.  Anything blocking that circulation diminishes our vitality. 
What about exercise equipment or work you've  brought home?  Remove anything that doesn’t relate to rest, relaxation or romance.  This one room needs to be your sanctuary away from the rest of the world.  
One last powerful shift is to remove electronics from this space.  Computers, tablets, phones, even electric clocks if you can.   All these produce EMF’s which are disruptive and disturbs our health and sleep. 


And finally, after you have swept through your home creating fresh new energy that is going to bring in new opportunities, activate it all by adding fresh flowers.  










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