Expanding Your Space - Into The Great Outdoors

May 29, 2018

For those of us living in the cooler regions of North America we expand into our outdoor spaces with unbridled passion as temperatures increase. Out come the deck chairs, the patio tables, potted plants, fountains, anything and everything to make our spaces more enjoyable.



If you can expand into a bigger area outdoors you’ll want to enjoy it and the many benefits of having more space…  think about it … we feel more abundantsitting out in our garden / patio / deck.  We’re usually enjoying that extra space with others, so we feel more connected.  While out there we’re relaxing – so our healthis enhanced.  People, this space is an untapped goldmine on so many levels!  


Whether you’re expanding into an entire yard, a patio area, or even a small deck there are Feng Shui elements useful to consider that will enhance your happy and luck factors. 


Comfortable seating:  patio furniture has really come a long way in the last decade – its resilient, beautiful, practical and comfortable.  Create small clusters of seating areas if you have a large space, always have at least two seats in smaller spaces, and if your current furniture needs an update add bright cushions for extra comfort and cheeriness. 


Some general color principles are as follows: 

  • Reds and Oranges symbolize the fire element, attracts chi (good energy and therefore luck) and can stimulate lively conversations and passion.  If conflict is a concern – choose other colors. 

  • Blues and Greens – Symbolize peace and serenity.  These are the colors of nature (sky, trees and grass).  Often we use these colors to stimulate new beginnings.

  • Beige, tans, browns and yellows – the colors of the earth and very grounding. 

Keep your patio area tidy, clean and in repair.  Picking annoying splinters out of hands and feet isn’t very zen inducing so splash on a coat of paint or stain to the deck and railings, sweep the area regularly, and wipe down the furniture. 


Flowers and trees.  Yes. Just yes.  If you’ve got space to plant or add pots with flowers – do it. The benefit of surrounding yourself with living healthy plants and trees is immense.


1. The sound of a breeze moving leaves and flowers is calming – Mother Nature’s original  “white noise”.

2. Birds are attracted to areas with plants (which they associate with food and shelter).   They sing, and birdsong is excellent for us.  It relaxes us, boosts our creativity and can even help our concentration. 

3. Outdoor aromatherapy: if you like a soft fragrance in the air you have quite a few choices – a few of my favorites are lilacs, peonies, and roses.   Additionally, these can be cut and brought indoors to enjoy. 

4. Fruits and vegetables.  Herb gardens, potted strawberry plants, garden patches and fruit trees of our own … we delight in enjoying instant, fresh produce.  It’s more greenery, AND edible to boot.   


Lighting – string up some outdoor lanterns, bare bulbs or plant a few torches around your garden.  These attract chi and create incredible ambiance.  


Finally, personalize your space.  Do you like statues?  Buddhas? Ornamental rocks or birdbaths? Adding your own personal touches of color and outdoor accessories is another way to enhance how you feel in your seasonal space.  It’s a sanctuary,  social gathering place and a bonus area to boost good feelings.  And that is good Feng Shui. 


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