"Tired" of Not Sleeping Well? Try Feng Shui

June 30, 2018




I’m reading a fascinating book right now, “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, PhD.  He has spent his career studying sleep – why we need it, what happens to us if you don’t get it, or if we don’t get enough of it.  It’s been enlightening and a bit frightening too.  He discusses how insomnia and low quality or quantity of sleep is destroying our minds, our vitality, our fertility, our outward appearance, our careers, and our trim figures. Pretty much all aspects of our lives suffer.    


How does Feng Shui fit in this?  


Feng Shui has always been about improving our lives, by focusing on our physical environment and those critical areas of our home like the bedroom.  


We know if we Feng Shui this one room we will have far better sleep.   Dr. Walker has confirmed that! 


He spends considerable time discussing the detrimental effects that pre-bedtime “screen time” has on us.  If you want to toss and turn, and have difficulty falling asleep, then watching TV or reading from any kind of device just before bed are choices that will insure poor sleep (insomnia, midnight wakefulness, etc.). This translates into feeling less rested and sleepier throughout the day.  


This is one of the reasons that Feng Shui consultants will tell you to remove TVs from your bedroom.   It stirs us up (especially watching thrillers, action movies or disturbing shows – like the news) by making the transition to sleep much more challenging. Screens emit a blue light which keeps our melatonin switched off (the hormone that regulates our sleep and wakefulness) preventing sleep from arriving when we want.  


Another recommendation I give is to keep your bedroom darkat night.  We sleep deeper and longer in the dark.  It is beneficial for creating healthy minds and bodies. Back in the days of the caveman, and more recently our pre-industrial ancestors, we went to bed with the waning of the day.  There were no electric lights to keep us up so we slept when it got dark.


The advent of electricity has allowed us to no longer depend on the sun for our activities. We can stay up as late as we like doing whatever we like and that just messes with our sleep.  


Not only are we combatting the light from our electronic devices, we are exposed to ambient city and street lights entering our bedrooms from our windows. 


To combat this sleep stealer consider blackout blinds, heavy curtains or drapery to cover them. You’ve already dealt with lighting that could be emitted from electronics making your sleep zone blissfully dark.  


The nights we sleep more and have better quality sleep are responsible for us eating less food the next day and choosing healthier foods to eat. We feel happier, have better interactions with others and we can accomplish more in less time.  


So…. no electronics in the bedroom and if you must watch TV or work on your devices give yourself an hour of recovery time to transition into a sleepier state. Your healthier and longer living future self will thank you.  

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