Is Your Closet Blocking Opportunities?

September 27, 2018



Do you like the change of seasons?


We’re into fall in a big way where I live, you can see it on the streets. One day we’re in t-shirts and the next we’re wearing raincoats or down jackets.


This is also the time of year our closets can become overfilled with the

assortment of our weather wearing choices to the point of feeling like they’re

bursting at the seams.


Be careful about stuffing your closets – especially the ones near

your entryways.


The entries into our homes symbolize opportunities in our life. It can be the

difference between life struggles or smooth career and financial growth, good

relationships and better health.


So, are you deflecting or allowing new opportunities to come in?


A space that is difficult to enter because it is too small or has too many items

blocking our entry is deflecting away good opportunities. Visually

unappealing or unpleasant smelling entries also mean we are putting up



I had a real life example of this back when I was a student of Feng



My front hall closet had become jammed with coats and jackets, hats, gloves,

mittens, scarves, shoes and items that didn’t even belong in a front hall closet!

Knowing this was impacting my family and me I set aside some time.


Out everything came. I purged as I went, tidied and cleaned the space. Then I

only put back what made sense. It not only looked 100% better, it felt better

and I felt better looking at it!


That is the point of Feng Shui – feeling better in your space and therefore

living better because of the influence it has on you.


So what happened after I thinned down the overstuffed closet in my entry?


Within days of the “big purge” an acquaintance inquired if I wanted to create a

workshop with her. A brand new, exciting opportunity came to me right out of

the blue.


That was only the beginning.


So, if you are feeling cramped in your closets, especially the entryway closets,

clear them out and make space for new opportunities.


You deserve everything good to come your way.

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