Pumpkins For Prosperity

October 29, 2018


Better Get A Pumpkin



Did you know thousands of years ago the housewives in China would take carved out pumpkins and fill them with certain objects to attract wealth into their homes? It’s a tradition that is ancient. 


By placing a pumpkin on your doorstep or just inside your doorway it will attract good fortune into your home and life according to Feng Shui principles. 


The vibrant color, round and robust shape affirm to us that the world is abundant.  We feel that just by looking at it.  It a subtle and subliminal message that changes us and helps us attract more of that wealth energy into our lives.  


Here are the key areas to place pumpkins to enhance wealth:


1.  In the front entry of your home (inside or outside the front door) this is the area responsible for blocking or allowing opportunities and good fortune into our lives. That eye catching color attracts our eye and draws good energy up and into our homes.


2.  In the prosperity area:  when standing in your front doorway looking in - the back left hand side of your home is the prosperity area.  Displaying any objects here that feel like wealth (like the pumpkin) boosts the pull of prosperity.  


Pumpkins are plentiful right now, so why not try this simple and time proven Feng Shui ritual to beckon more wealth energy into your life?


You deserve everything good to come your way.

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Pumpkins For Prosperity

October 29, 2018

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