Holiday Harmony or ?

December 13, 2018



Here come the holidays!  Now I ask you, does that statement fill you with dread or excitement?  


The holidays really are a mixed bag (no pun intended Santa) for most of us.  Yet there are PLENTY of things we can do to ensure the holidays are happy, harmonious, peaceful and calm.  


Because whether we like it or not, according to holiday statistics 69% of people feel stressed at this time of year.  We feel a lack of time and money while also balancing extra obligations during this season.   Even our physical environments can contribute to our stress and overwhelm. Extra stuff fills our homes: decorations, lights, glitter and the sound of repetitive tunes reminding us of the season. No wonder we can feel crushed under its weight and perhaps prefer to get away from it all.  


What most of us want though is simply to feel more connected to our friends and family.  Applying Feng Shui rules of harmony will have you enjoying the season, feeling the love, increasing your connection with others and having you looking back on this holiday season as one of your BEST… here’s how:


  1. Balance: Less is more: If you are the decorator of your home or workspace – keep the number of items down.   Think about removing almost as many objects as you bring in.  That one signature piece you have can take your breath away with its beauty if its not competing with 10 000 other items that are also vying for your attention.  Pack up the items you remove and store them temporarily in the boxes of your seasonal decorations until it’s time to switch them out again.  You’ll feel calmer in your space.  

  2. Color: “Red for Passion, not punch”: Red IS the color of fire in Feng Shui.  It builds our passion, stimulates us to act, it warms up a space and can attract people and good fortune into our lives.  It is the #1 color for the season.  It’s great to add more of it this time of year unless… there is a concern with friend or family conflict.  Yes it can build our passion, but it can also build our tempers if we’re already a fiery lot. So keep that in mind if you have any concerns with conflicts over the holidays and limit the red.  

  3. Sound:  Play calm and joyful music: We respond to our environments and one way to ensure a calm and peaceful experience wherever we are is to stimulate our senses with sound.  Music can bring about incredible changes in us.  Play your favorite happy, peaceful upbeat or calm music to ensure good vibes all season long. 

  4. Scent: AromatherapyAs I said before, we respond to our environments…  What scents do youlike?  What brings back happy memories?  Add those scents to your diffusers.  Burning essential oils increases the energy (or chi) of a room.  Hint:  It doesn’t have to be “Christmas smells” if you don’t like those, however lavender is the queen for relaxing us, sweet orange is a great mood lifter and pine is stimulating and refreshing for us.

  5. Light: It’s a yin time of year:  Not only are the days shorter, the temperatures are colder.  To balance the quieter, sometimes more solemn qualities of this season it’s always a good idea to add more lighting, increase the wattage of our bulbs, and have the lights on longer to prevent lethargy and sadness.  Light boosts our moods, keeps us feeling invigorated, lively and engaged. 

  6. Intentions: What do you want?Asking and knowing the answer to this one question will help you create the Christmas or Holiday of your dreams. If you are looking for more connection with your special people try pulling out a board game, setting it up in front of the fire and play happy tunes in your beautifully decorated and scented home.  Pack up all distracting electronics into a basket (for the next hour+) and watch what memories you begin to build this year! 

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