Spring tips for creating excitement, momentum and abundance in your life using Feng Shui.

April 28, 2019


Our homes and properties hold a lot of information about who we are and what we’re up to.


Looking at our spaces with Feng Shui eyes can be most enlightening.  By following its’ principles and adjusting a few common areas we can bring more opportunities and good fortune into our lives. 


If you’re like me spring draws my attention outdoors.  That’s lucky because that’s what these tips are about. 


Here are 5 Feng Shui tips that will tilt the scales in your favor to create lasting, exciting change for you this spring by adjusting the space around your home.


1. By now the lawns and space around your home or building are probably greening up. Buds are on the trees, birds are returning from the south, so its a good time to check in and ask yourself…. is this a yard / property I’d like to visit or own? If it looks welcoming and attractive from the sidewalk you’re doing an excellent job. “Chi” or energy is attracted to and lingers in beautiful spaces and that means opportunities and good fortune are headed your way.  


However, if you’ve got dead trees, shrubs or plants that just aren’t “coming back” better remove them. That’s dead energy you don’t need to see everyday or have that nagging little internal voice telling you “do something about that”. This depletes your personal energy. Set a date and get it done.  You’ll be glad you did.  


2. Stand near the street looking at your home / building. Does anything stand out as needing repair or paint? This is the perfect time to paint and get at broken items before the growing and blooming season makes this job much more challenging. You’ll also have the entire rest of the season to enjoy this much more positive and uplifting space. The message this sends out is “this property is cared for and my owners take pride in me and their possessions”. It’s a funny thing that happens too – when one neighbour tidies and improves their property it can cause quite a ripple affect right down the street. Chi lingers and supports cared for spaces. Another benefit!


3. Add color. Bright colorful items attract our eye, so you know it’s also attracting and pulling good chi onto the property too. And that means more opportunities and good fortune heading our way… So add colorful flowering pots of plants, colorful shrubs, hang a pretty wreath on your door, bright welcome mats, or if you’ve got a front porch with chairs, add some colorful cushions there too.  


4. Now here’s a really under utilized tool of Feng Shui, moving objects. Garden flags, large flags, wind socks, whirligigs, moving metal artwork and even fountains all create interest, catch our eye and again attract chi onto the property.  (This is a great tip if you’re trying to sell your home). There’s a reason we notice garage sale signs with balloons attached, or instantly notice kids spinning advertising signs on the street corners…. these things are moving! It’s mesmerizing and captivating to us, and chi.  


5. Wait for it…. you know I can’t NOT mention it…. Clutter…. Nothing says stagnant energy like clutter. It holds us back and stops our life from progressing. It really hurts us. So remove any objects littering your property and blocking your good fortune from coming in such as tools, rakes, garbage containers or toys and store them in their proper locations.   


The space around our home is the first thing we see when we leave to go out into the world and the last thing we see when we return. Making this space attractive with Feng Shui will uplift you and bring new opportunities and good fortune your way.  


Feel good about this space now? Then you’re doing everything right. If you don’t then start creating that powerful space this spring using these 5 tips that will bring new excitement, momentum and abundance to all aspects of your life. 

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